Monday, February 18, 2008

Stock Picks: Lottvis, Oculus, Mediaring

As mentioned in the previous post, I have been monitoring the small caps recently and seen a spike in the volume for most small caps.
Normally this signals a start of the pennies rally as we should be able to see the top 10 active stocks to be dominated by them in the coming week ahead.
Below are the recommendations:

1. Lottvis

As you can see from the chart, accumulation can be seen distinctly as the volume spiked up on last Friday. We shall expect it to breakout if it crosses 0.17, support at 0.14.

2. Oculus

This stock has been the talk for quite a while as it plans to diversify its business by acquiring Aretae which is doing the carbon credit business. Recently on Feb 6, it announced that it was acquiring ophthalmic solutions patents and licensing contracts from Advanced Ocular Systems (AOS) for $29.9 million in cash and shares.

The accumulation portion is the same with Lottvis, except we may hear some news regarding their results of the RTO. This stock can go either way, thus before the news is out, I advise all to go in fast and sell off fast for a quick profit.

3. Mediaring

This stock has similar accumulation pattern to the previous 2 stocks, but the volume of accumulation is in much larger quantities.
It is always one of the targets for pennies breakout and the pattern is clear again.
Go in fast and sell off fast for a quick profit as you would not expect it to go up in value in times to come.

Every time we go into penny stocks rally, it is always clear that we are encountering a downturn soon. This is due to the fact that the blue chips prices are not attractive anymore and investors would like to cash in to load something which is much profitable in intra day situations.
Therefore, do take note of signals whereby the market is coming down again.
I'm on the bearish side for the time being.

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