Thursday, March 13, 2008

US Market Summary 12 Mar 08

Dow 12,110.24 -46.57 -0.38%
Nasdaq 2,243.87 -11.89 -0.53%
S&P 500 1,308.77 -11.88 -0.90%

Southwest Airlines Co. canceled flights Wednesday and temporarily grounded 43 planes to examine if they were sound enough to carry passengers, the latest twist in the low-cost carrier's saga of missed safety inspections and civil penalties.

As mentioned in the US market summary report yesterday, it is a bear rally.
Hope some of you guys loaded puts or shorted with your CFD account when STI nearing 3000.
We will see some sharp selling today, lock in your profits early when market open and see how the market moves in the second half of trading.
My take is the market is still weak, take cautious approach today.

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